Reverse Weeding and the CB09 Blade!

I know you all want to learn how to do the teeniest lettering with your adhesive vinyl, right?  This technique is pretty much foolproof, but I would definitely recommend getting yourself a CB09 blade to practice with first.

There are a lot of places to order from, so just do your research and get the best deal (quality & price) you can from a reputable vendor.  I purchased my two a year apart, but from the same vendor on eBay over four years ago.  Craft Chameleon has a starter set at a great price.  They also sell extra blades, o-rings and spacers.  I just recently bought extra o-rings and an etching tip from them.

I purchased some acrylic teeth to make some personalized earrings for my daughter to wear to work at the dental office.  The teeth are just over .5 inches wide, so the letters needed to be small.  Armed with my CB09 blade and the reverse weeding technique, I was setup for success.

I did a very slight external offset on my font.  If the letters are too thin, they most likely won’t transfer easily or stay on with so little of an adhesive area.  I ALWAYS put a box around my designs to make weeding easier as well as apply the transfer tape while the vinyl is held on the mat.

At just under .5 inches wide and .25 inches high, this is quite a small project.  As long as you have burnished well, the excess vinyl comes away easily.  I used the very tip of the hook to weed the center of “A” with just a poke to loosen.

The rest is easy as applying to your project, burnishing well, and letting it cure for at least 24 hours before wearing.  I think they are cute, don’t you?


Again, the ‘teeth’ were purchased from Craft Chameleon as well as the silver plated Double J Earwires.  The black glossy permanent vinyl was purchased from Expressions Vinyl.  This is their own brand of vinyl and I love it!

I hope you found this post useful.  If so, please like and share with others you know that will benefit from it.  And, as always, if you have questions – Just ask!  Happy Crafting!!


I am so happy to share with you some major news!  My local Pat Catan’s is now going to carry the SilhouetteCameo Cameo 3 and supplies!!

They are also going to allow me to hold classes to show you all the wonderful things we can make using the Cameo, Silhouette Products and their abundant selection of items we can take to the next level!!  {In fact, after our meeting, I purchased some items to use in the upcoming months.}

I’d love for you to come on out this Saturday, beginning at 12:30 pm, to see some of the wonderful projects you could learn to make when we begin scheduling classes!!  Please stop in to let me know what you’d be interested in learning, ask questions, or just say ‘Hello’!!

I am looking forward to seeing you there!!


It’s been a couple month and I still have not received much interest.  If you’d like to see a class at the Canton, Ohio Pat Catan’s, please leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page.

I welcome any suggestions on classes that you’d like me to present, from ‘Getting your Silhouette Out-of-the-Box’ to more advanced projects.  It’s time to introduce our area to the Silhouette Cameo!  Thank  you for your time!!



The mission:  to make some engraved discs for an adjustable bracelet.

IMG_20170330_180123So, after having a fight with HTV last night and then starting my engraving trial with my new Curio (finally), it seemed that things were starting out poorly.

I tried using a template/frame made from chipboard.  The idea was to cut circles so that the metal blanks would not slip around.  It didn’t hold it as well as I’d anticipated and the first blank came loose and just slid around with the engraving tip.IMG_20170331_152914Then I pulled out my Glubers, which were originally intended for securing rolled flowers, but nothing holds those as well as good old hot glue, imho.  They held the blanks very securely.  In fact, they held several blanks as I engraved both the front and the backs.

I positioned them inside the grid marks and drew a similar sized circle to tell the software exactly where I was placing them.  The nice thing about how the Curio platform works is that you can load and unload it and it lines up every. single. time!

I wanted various letters and the Chinese symbols for ‘Faith’ and ‘Love’ on these.  I sized each to fit within the 3/4 inch circle, allowing for the hole drilled for the jump rings.  I made six copies of each letter or symbol, layered them, and then sent them to engrave using Double Cut (thus making 12 passes for each side).

I engraved one side with my Chomas Creations Engraving Tip, unloaded the platform, flipped my blanks over and engraved the other side.  It was almost too easy!!IMG_20170331_163147

I am excited about the possibilities now!!  I think either metal etching or stippling will be next….so, stay tuned!!  😉


Yes, you heard me!!  I have a Curio coming tomorrow.  I have debated if I really needed one or not since it was introduced.  Well, really, not that hard of a debate is it? 🙂

I can not wait to dig in and see what I can create.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated AND if you have any questions or projects you would like to see posts on, just let me know!

I am leaning toward the etching & stippling capabilities, but hope to do some jewelry as well.  I hear there could be some neat jewelry classes in the upcoming All Things Silhouette Conference in June  I am attending and you don’t want to miss out either.  If you can’t make the June conference, there will be a November one announced later this year.

Have you been ‘curious’ about the Curio?  Stay tuned!

Printable Adhesive Vinyl

Hello!  It’s been a while, sorry….life, lol.  But, I did finally make some time to play with some samples of inkjet printable adhesive vinyl.  I won’t disclose from where I received this particular vinyl, mostly because the company is no longer in business and this vinyl wasn’t a very good product.  I would suggest purchasing your material from a reputable source like Expressions Vinyl.  There are others as well, but this isn’t a post for that topic.

I would also recommend purchasing the companion laminate that your supplier offers.  We had some printable adhesive vinyl at our Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Instructors Retreat from Expressions Vinyl along with their laminate.  I will be purchasing from them next time!



Enter the newest tool in my organizational arsenal:

The Bullet Journal (Luechtturm1917)




Now, I am new to journalling and wanted to become more aware of goals and logging important milestones in my business life and all the planner talk lately made me want to join in….the catch: I do better with my Google calendar.  I need the pop-up reminders to keep me on track yet I wanted to WRITE down things and expand with a few lines of thoughts on events important to me.  And doodle, and have cool pens, and make use of a gigantic collection of embellishments….oh so pretty washi tape!!   The cover, while a gorgeous tangerine, is still———plain.  I was originally going to choose a clever quote cut out of 651 until I remembered my stash of samples.  And since I couldn’t decide on ONE color to adorn this cover, I decided to print a pattern!  I chose two different fill patterns, both florally, but different for each item.

As you can see, in weeding, I lost some letters.  I took some scrap white sticker paper and covered up the original registration marks and sent through the printer again for those four missing letters.  Here is where I would go back and laminate before cutting.  I found that the transfer tape pulled off some of the top layer on the monogram.


I still love how they turned out even though this was only my second time working with the printable vinyl.

I am still trying to get in the habit of opening that journal at least once a day *sigh*.

Thank you for following and if you have questions, please let me know!!