The mission:  to make some engraved discs for an adjustable bracelet.

IMG_20170330_180123So, after having a fight with HTV last night and then starting my engraving trial with my new Curio (finally), it seemed that things were starting out poorly.

I tried using a template/frame made from chipboard.  The idea was to cut circles so that the metal blanks would not slip around.  It didn’t hold it as well as I’d anticipated and the first blank came loose and just slid around with the engraving tip.IMG_20170331_152914Then I pulled out my Glubers, which were originally intended for securing rolled flowers, but nothing holds those as well as good old hot glue, imho.  They held the blanks very securely.  In fact, they held several blanks as I engraved both the front and the backs.

I positioned them inside the grid marks and drew a similar sized circle to tell the software exactly where I was placing them.  The nice thing about how the Curio platform works is that you can load and unload it and it lines up every. single. time!

I wanted various letters and the Chinese symbols for ‘Faith’ and ‘Love’ on these.  I sized each to fit within the 3/4 inch circle, allowing for the hole drilled for the jump rings.  I made six copies of each letter or symbol, layered them, and then sent them to engrave using Double Cut (thus making 12 passes for each side).

I engraved one side with my Chomas Creations Engraving Tip, unloaded the platform, flipped my blanks over and engraved the other side.  It was almost too easy!!IMG_20170331_163147

I am excited about the possibilities now!!  I think either metal etching or stippling will be next….so, stay tuned!!  😉


Yes, you heard me!!  I have a Curio coming tomorrow.  I have debated if I really needed one or not since it was introduced.  Well, really, not that hard of a debate is it? 🙂

I can not wait to dig in and see what I can create.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated AND if you have any questions or projects you would like to see posts on, just let me know!

I am leaning toward the etching & stippling capabilities, but hope to do some jewelry as well.  I hear there could be some neat jewelry classes in the upcoming All Things Silhouette Conference in June  I am attending and you don’t want to miss out either.  If you can’t make the June conference, there will be a November one announced later this year.

Have you been ‘curious’ about the Curio?  Stay tuned!

Printable Adhesive Vinyl

Hello!  It’s been a while, sorry….life, lol.  But, I did finally make some time to play with some samples of inkjet printable adhesive vinyl.  I won’t disclose from where I received this particular vinyl, mostly because the company is no longer in business and this vinyl wasn’t a very good product.  I would suggest purchasing your material from a reputable source like Expressions Vinyl.  There are others as well, but this isn’t a post for that topic.

I would also recommend purchasing the companion laminate that your supplier offers.  We had some printable adhesive vinyl at our Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Instructors Retreat from Expressions Vinyl along with their laminate.  I will be purchasing from them next time!



Enter the newest tool in my organizational arsenal:

The Bullet Journal (Luechtturm1917)




Now, I am new to journalling and wanted to become more aware of goals and logging important milestones in my business life and all the planner talk lately made me want to join in….the catch: I do better with my Google calendar.  I need the pop-up reminders to keep me on track yet I wanted to WRITE down things and expand with a few lines of thoughts on events important to me.  And doodle, and have cool pens, and make use of a gigantic collection of embellishments….oh so pretty washi tape!!   The cover, while a gorgeous tangerine, is still———plain.  I was originally going to choose a clever quote cut out of 651 until I remembered my stash of samples.  And since I couldn’t decide on ONE color to adorn this cover, I decided to print a pattern!  I chose two different fill patterns, both florally, but different for each item.

As you can see, in weeding, I lost some letters.  I took some scrap white sticker paper and covered up the original registration marks and sent through the printer again for those four missing letters.  Here is where I would go back and laminate before cutting.  I found that the transfer tape pulled off some of the top layer on the monogram.


I still love how they turned out even though this was only my second time working with the printable vinyl.

I am still trying to get in the habit of opening that journal at least once a day *sigh*.

Thank you for following and if you have questions, please let me know!!

Congratulations to All the New Cameo 3 Owners, Part I

Hello!  So you’ve joined the Cameo 3 Club by taking advantage of Silhouette America’s biggest sale of the year!  If you’re anything like me, welcome to what will become a small obsession.

I’ve been hearing a lot of concern about Cameo 3 issues, whether it be software, Bluetooth, where to buy materials, what to start with, what is this autoblade and how do I get it to cut and more!  I am going to try and take it one step at a time so I don’t overwhelm you!

Yes, there are a lot of great tutorials, people with great knowledge and reputations, and Facebook groups abound.  Please, please, please…..take every piece of advice with a grain of salt in the groups.  Be wary of those who are constantly giving a great deal of negative opinions-specifically that the autoblade and/or the Cameo 3 is a piece of junk.  It’s not and a majority of people LOVE it, myself included.  Most often issues arise because of user error and ignorance.  (Ignorance is not a bad word!  It just means that we lack the knowledge which is attainable!!)

Where to start?

  1.  Backup your library!!  If you are a current owner of designs, purchased or self-made, you should make it a habit of backing up your library regularly — especially prior to upgrading or updating your current software.
  2. Software and Firmware.  Hopefully  you took advantage of downloading the free design software while you were waiting for your new machine to arrive.  If you have, still make sure that you install the most recent update and firmware.
  3. Gather some simple supplies.  Hey, you want to make your first attempt on some adhesive vinyl or HTV (heat transfer vinyl), please have at it.  I would recommend you choose something a little less costly so as not to freak out when you realize you just wasted an entire sheet of the last red HTV you have on hand.  Card stock will do nicely.
  4. Pick a simple shape.  Yes, I  know we all want to jump in and make all those wonderful things that everyone posts or that are on those project boards.  Unless you are a craft/graphic/tech ninja, simple is the way to go for now.  The program is capable of so much, you may get overwhelmed and frustrated when things don’t go quite as planned.
  5. Make your first cut.  Yes, it should be super easy and it will be, but you do need to be aware.  Aware of how to load the material on the mat, what material selection to make, remembering to choose the correct tool that is in your machine (autoblade, pen, ratchet, etc.)


Success?  If not, here are one of the most frequent mistakes I’ve heard:

#1:  Cuts are not consistent.  Skipping around and then slicing crosswise across the entire piece of material and/or (yikes!!) through the mat.  Solutions to try:  #1:  If using the autoblade, make sure it is seated all the way down in the carriage and locked in securely.

The first picture shows you the two ribs on the autoblade.  The next one shows the notches that the ribs for those notches.  The one below that shows the autoblade firmly seated and locked in place.  Notice the blue dot in the locking mechanism?  While the fourth picture shows the blue dot as well, implying that the lock is indeed firmly engaged, there is a space  just above that shows that the blade is not firmly seated.  

(Note:  The autoblade with only work in the first (blue) slot in your dual carriage and only on the Cameo 3.  Regular ratchet blades and pens, etc., will work in either slot).

#2:  Blade not self-adjusting.

Yes, sometimes there is an issue with blades, but most often it’s a simple fix or mistake.  First, if you feel that your autoblade is not adjusting,  remove it from the carriage and inspect the blade.  

a.) Check that the end cap is secure and there isn’t anything stuck or blocking the blade like card stock or vinyl.  CAREFULLY depress the tip, avoiding the blade, and make sure that the red line is advancing.  If so, advance it around to the beginning before re-seating it.

b.) Check that you are selecting the autoblade in the software.  At the time of this post, the blade defaults to the black ratchet blade.  Once you select the material you are cutting, you need to make sure and scroll down to change the blade type to the autoblade.

You should be making your first perfect cuts if you follow these tips.  If you’re still having problems, feel free to contact me through this site or on my Facebook page.  I love my Cameos (yes, 1 and 3) and want you to love yours, too!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

“Sparkly Snow” Christmas Cards

Ever since I received my Cameo (1st Edition) over four years ago, I have tried to make cards to send at Christmas and some of the other holidays throughout the year.img_20161113_081527

This year’s Christmas card required some planning as I needed an ample supply of used dryer sheets.  Yup, you read correctly!!  I need about fifty cards or so for my list AND I like to make a few extra to send for our service members, too.

This technique will end up giving a sparkly (who doesn’t love sparkle???) snow effect.  I began by lightly ironing  my used dryer sheets and cutting them with my rotary cutter to the size I needed.  My finished card size was to be A2, so I sized my pieces accordingly.  The dryer sheets are a bit slippery, so I used my Perfect Ruler to help steady them (this ruler has a wonderful gripper down the middle that is activated by pressing on that orange strip).  I was able to cut 6 sheets at a time with accuracy.


The original inspiration for my card had used a stamped image of a pine forest.  This deer scene is more of our style so I printed six on a 12×12 sheet of card stock.  I use a Canon Pixma iP8720 for my large format printing.  Even though I love my Cameos (1&3), it was faster to cut them all with my Cutterpillar Pro.  I absolutely love this investment as the lighted edge helps to get the most precise cuts.

The ‘trick’ to creating this snowy effect is to use spray adhesive on the dryer sheet and place it sticky side down over whatever scene you’ve decided to use.  Once it’s in place, sprinkle glitter directly on the face of your scene and then tap the excess off onto some scrap paper or in a funnel tray.  I also would place the face of my scene down onto the excess glitter if I wanted more ‘snow’ or missed any spots.  I would strongly suggest wearing disposable gloves unless you want thickly coated glitter fingers *ask me how I know*!  I also used the lid of a large take-n-bake pizza to protect and contain my over-spray and glitter better.

I am all for purchasing pre-made card blanks to make life easier.  These Kraft card blanks and envelopes save so much time!  I cut the navy blue backing pieces with my Cameo’s, set up my assembly line at Scrap’n Easel-Ette.  The easel raises the card up at an angle, saving my back and it’s easier to keep things square.  As you can see in the picture, it is magnetized–a great help!  I found that Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue held the waxed navy blue card stock better than any of my other adhesive options.

I normally stamp my logo on the back of my cards, but it was quicker to print the logo, as well as the inside sentiment, right on the card blanks.  Time Saver!!

To give the card a more finished look, I printed some embellishments on vellum and did print-n-cut with my Cameo 3.  To avoid having adhesive marks, I used glue dots to apply them to the card.  Voila!!

This project might sound a bit time-consuming and overwhelming, but I found it went fairly fast and was therapeutic, too!  Now on to some Christmas ornaments……..