Tattoo Paper, Not Just For Skin!


Sorry, this is an older project 😉  But I just couldn’t share until after New Year’s Day, as that’s when this gift was given to one of my daughters and her fiance.  They had taken us on a lovely trip called the Tannenbaum Trail in NE Ohio.  My daughter had gifted my husband and I this experience a few years ago, but this year they were our official chauffeurs and tour guides.

The experience entails visiting participating wineries (oh yes!!).  At your first assigned stop, you pick up your tree, souvenir glasses, wine samples, appetizers, and first ‘ornament’.  You are then able to choose from the remaining wineries in any order as you receive a map of all the wineries, participating or not.  At each participating winery you receive yet more wine samples, appetizers and an ornament.  Don’t worry, we couldn’t hit them all in one trip if we tried, that’s why they spread it out over several weekends.  It’s great fun and if you’re interested in attending, I highly recommend that you purchase your tickets quickly as they tend to sell out fast.  More information and other similar events can be found here:

But, oh my, the ornaments this trip were a bit disappointing (right pic) compared to the cute ceramic ones we received previously (left).  I am so glad that I have my Cameos so that I could make nicer ornaments.  I had also picked up a deal on Amazon for wood slices that would be the perfect size for our Tannenbaum trees.  I wanted to make a set for each of us to display.

I had used Silhouette’s tattoo media before on a larger wood slice (the future Mr. & Mrs. themselves).  If you do this project, make sure that you keep in mind any imperfections in your slice(s).  Note the dark marks in the center and at his left eyebrow.

wood slice

They still are adorable!

First I used my Canon MG7720 to scan in the ‘ornaments’ we received. Next I scanned in two sets of the wood slices.  I have found that the scans with this printer are true to size but if you don’t have a good scanner, you could also use the Pixscan mat.  I also needed to recreate one of the wineries we visited that was not on the Tannenbaum Trail, but was one of the favorites we sampled.

For each slice, I then cropped the winery logo to its shape.

Once I had the logo sized how I wanted, I added the registration marks and set them to print.  The Cameo 3 cut them perfectly!!  It always amazes me how exact print and cut works.

All that was left was to apply the tattoo paper to the wood slices, drill a hole and add some twine.

I coated them with two coats of matte Mod Podge for a little more durability.  A gift that I hope will bring sweet memories to all of us, and who knows, we can add more in future years.

*Please note that affiliate links were used in this post. It doesn’t mean that you will pay anymore for the products, just that I will earn a small commission when you make a purchase. Thank you for your support!

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