2019 – Current Class/Event Fees

 All classes paid for in advance (excludes One-On-One Instruction).  Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis.

One-On-One Instruction:
1st Hour: $30/hour
2nd and following: $25/hour
Materials supplied at cost.
*minimum 2 hour sessions

10% discount on “One-On-One” fees for yourself for next class upon referral’s first booked and completed 2 hour session.

Group Classes:
Classes for 4 or more participants $35/person for 2 hour class of choosing {excludes Intro to the Silhouette Cameo class, see fee in description below}.
Materials supplied at cost.

Sample Listing of Classes available:

1. Intro to the Silhouette Cameo:
Unboxing, downloading necessary software & firmware when required. Set up account in the Silhouette Design Store. Learning basics in Design Studio. Making first cut! (Seasonal project will be completed if desired. Materials supplied at cost). Machine not required as this is an intro class. w/o machine: Completed materials for class project will be provided, if desired, at cost. This is a 2 hour class at $40/person

2. Adhesive Vinyl Project:
Designing, sizing, weeding lines/boxes, weeding tips & techniques (mirroring, layering, multiple color alignment), various applications.

3. PNC (Print & Cuts):
Learn technique to produce stickers, kiss cuts, various applications.

4. Etching:
Learn how to use etching cream to produce permanently etched items, such as decorative glass items.

5. PixScan:
Learn the many applications with this mat.  Examples: Utilizing currently owned stamps, importing fabric designs, ‘recycling’ items and scraps of materials such as adhesive vinyl/HTV.

Example of classes for advanced users will include “Knock-out Designs”, Rhinestones, HTV (heat transfer vinyl), Adhesive Foil, Metallic Foil (using heat setting), and more.

Custom classes can be created based on your interests and skill level.  Contact me to discuss a class designed just for you!  Have friends that would like a custom session, I can provide that as well.

Travel Charges
Under 30 miles – no charge
Within 50 miles – $25
51-80 miles – $40
Over 80 miles – case by case basis

*All fees are subject to change unless prepaid.  Special consideration for additional discounts may be determined on a case by case basis.