All Things Silhouette Conference – June 2017

“Better late than never” review of my first ever ATS Conference in Georgia.  I wanted to be able to use some of the new skills I learned before I posted so that you will know that you will get more than you imagined out of this weekend.  I learned a lot!

What you expect is a packed weekend of classes, camaraderie with hundreds of like-minded individuals and opportunities to shop some terrific vendors and meet the shop owners.  What I didn’t expect was to be so totally immersed in EVERYTHING related to crafting with the Silhouette machines, software and products.

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Obviously, it was great to see some of my former classmates from Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Instructors’ class.  I also was blessed to meet some of the Silhouette biggies that I have been idolizing and following, some for over five years now….like Melissa Viscount from The Silhouette School Blog,  Lori Whitlock of the Lori Whitlock Blog, Lisa Potts of The Rhinestone World, Jessica Tyger of Expressions Vinyl, and the adorable Joe Piazza of Siser NA just to name a few.  I also was introduced to the wonderful craftiness of Cindy Pope, Mags Bonham, Shelley Stokes, Sarah Strunk and Christine Schinagl.  Check out Terri’s website for a complete list of instructors, representatives from all things Silhouette related!

And the vendors!!!  As I’ve mentioned The Rhinestone World, Expressions Vinyl and SiserNA above as I follow them for some great information, tutorials and sales, the others at the conference were amazing as well.  I believe I bought from 90% of them (sometimes going back several times as I saw what I could make with their products).  I spent most of my time and money at Craft Chameleon.  JCCBlanks, AllAboutBlanks, Just for Crafters, TRW, Sparkle Berry Ink and Etchall got some notice from me as well.  It was great to get some product color charts, basics (blank and white 651 rolls, pretty glitter HTV and adhesive, as well as patterned HTV and adhesive vinyl.

BLANKS, BLANKS, BLANKS were on my shopping list and I got some of everything.  Tote bags, acrylic and metal blanks, canvas items, spikers, tumblers, jewelry findings to assemble….oh MY!!  My dear husband saw the look of joy on my face every time we walked in that direction.

There wasn’t one class that I loved more than any others.  They were all great and very informative.  I am feeling a bit melancholy knowing that the next ATSC is happening in just under a month and I am unable to attend, but I definitely will be going to future ones as they are informative as they are fun!  Last I heard there were still a few spots left.  If you ever have a chance to go, I would highly recommend it!!




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