Reverse Weeding and the CB09 Blade!

I know you all want to learn how to do the teeniest lettering with your adhesive vinyl, right?  This technique is pretty much foolproof, but I would definitely recommend getting yourself a CB09 blade to practice with first.

There are a lot of places to order from, so just do your research and get the best deal (quality & price) you can from a reputable vendor.  I purchased my two a year apart, but from the same vendor on eBay over four years ago.  Craft Chameleon has a starter set at a great price.  They also sell extra blades, o-rings and spacers.  I just recently bought extra o-rings and an etching tip from them.

I purchased some acrylic teeth to make some personalized earrings for my daughter to wear to work at the dental office.  The teeth are just over .5 inches wide, so the letters needed to be small.  Armed with my CB09 blade and the reverse weeding technique, I was setup for success.

I did a very slight external offset on my font.  If the letters are too thin, they most likely won’t transfer easily or stay on with so little of an adhesive area.  I ALWAYS put a box around my designs to make weeding easier as well as apply the transfer tape while the vinyl is held on the mat.

At just under .5 inches wide and .25 inches high, this is quite a small project.  As long as you have burnished well, the excess vinyl comes away easily.  I used the very tip of the hook to weed the center of “A” with just a poke to loosen.

The rest is easy as applying to your project, burnishing well, and letting it cure for at least 24 hours before wearing.  I think they are cute, don’t you?


Again, the ‘teeth’ were purchased from Craft Chameleon as well as the silver plated Double J Earwires.  The black glossy permanent vinyl was purchased from Expressions Vinyl.  This is their own brand of vinyl and I love it!

I hope you found this post useful.  If so, please like and share with others you know that will benefit from it.  And, as always, if you have questions – Just ask!  Happy Crafting!!

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