The mission:  to make some engraved discs for an adjustable bracelet.

IMG_20170330_180123So, after having a fight with HTV last night and then starting my engraving trial with my new Curio (finally), it seemed that things were starting out poorly.

I tried using a template/frame made from chipboard.  The idea was to cut circles so that the metal blanks would not slip around.  It didn’t hold it as well as I’d anticipated and the first blank came loose and just slid around with the engraving tip.IMG_20170331_152914Then I pulled out my Glubers, which were originally intended for securing rolled flowers, but nothing holds those as well as good old hot glue, imho.  They held the blanks very securely.  In fact, they held several blanks as I engraved both the front and the backs.

I positioned them inside the grid marks and drew a similar sized circle to tell the software exactly where I was placing them.  The nice thing about how the Curio platform works is that you can load and unload it and it lines up every. single. time!

I wanted various letters and the Chinese symbols for ‘Faith’ and ‘Love’ on these.  I sized each to fit within the 3/4 inch circle, allowing for the hole drilled for the jump rings.  I made six copies of each letter or symbol, layered them, and then sent them to engrave using Double Cut (thus making 12 passes for each side).

I engraved one side with my Chomas Creations Engraving Tip, unloaded the platform, flipped my blanks over and engraved the other side.  It was almost too easy!!IMG_20170331_163147

I am excited about the possibilities now!!  I think either metal etching or stippling will be next….so, stay tuned!!  😉

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