“Sparkly Snow” Christmas Cards

Ever since I received my Cameo (1st Edition) over four years ago, I have tried to make cards to send at Christmas and some of the other holidays throughout the year.img_20161113_081527

This year’s Christmas card required some planning as I needed an ample supply of used dryer sheets.  Yup, you read correctly!!  I need about fifty cards or so for my list AND I like to make a few extra to send for our service members, too.

This technique will end up giving a sparkly (who doesn’t love sparkle???) snow effect.  I began by lightly ironing  my used dryer sheets and cutting them with my rotary cutter to the size I needed.  My finished card size was to be A2, so I sized my pieces accordingly.  The dryer sheets are a bit slippery, so I used my Perfect Ruler to help steady them (this ruler has a wonderful gripper down the middle that is activated by pressing on that orange strip).  I was able to cut 6 sheets at a time with accuracy.


The original inspiration for my card had used a stamped image of a pine forest.  This deer scene is more of our style so I printed six on a 12×12 sheet of card stock.  I use a Canon Pixma iP8720 for my large format printing.  Even though I love my Cameos (1&3), it was faster to cut them all with my Cutterpillar Pro.  I absolutely love this investment as the lighted edge helps to get the most precise cuts.

The ‘trick’ to creating this snowy effect is to use spray adhesive on the dryer sheet and place it sticky side down over whatever scene you’ve decided to use.  Once it’s in place, sprinkle glitter directly on the face of your scene and then tap the excess off onto some scrap paper or in a funnel tray.  I also would place the face of my scene down onto the excess glitter if I wanted more ‘snow’ or missed any spots.  I would strongly suggest wearing disposable gloves unless you want thickly coated glitter fingers *ask me how I know*!  I also used the lid of a large take-n-bake pizza to protect and contain my over-spray and glitter better.

I am all for purchasing pre-made card blanks to make life easier.  These Kraft card blanks and envelopes save so much time!  I cut the navy blue backing pieces with my Cameo’s, set up my assembly line at Scrap’n Easel-Ette.  The easel raises the card up at an angle, saving my back and it’s easier to keep things square.  As you can see in the picture, it is magnetized–a great help!  I found that Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue held the waxed navy blue card stock better than any of my other adhesive options.

I normally stamp my logo on the back of my cards, but it was quicker to print the logo, as well as the inside sentiment, right on the card blanks.  Time Saver!!

To give the card a more finished look, I printed some embellishments on vellum and did print-n-cut with my Cameo 3.  To avoid having adhesive marks, I used glue dots to apply them to the card.  Voila!!

This project might sound a bit time-consuming and overwhelming, but I found it went fairly fast and was therapeutic, too!  Now on to some Christmas ornaments……..

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