A Mind Blowing Discovery

You know when you have thought about how to do something for so long that you soon begin to accept that either it can’t be done (easily) or you’ll have to break down and buy some program to help you do what you want to do?

Seriously people!  We know we want to vinyl pretty much EVERY thing.  People (family, friends, customers) want things personalized and what is the biggest thing they want personalized?  Drink ware!  Tumblers, coffee cups and don’t even get me started on those metal double-walled insulated items!



I stumbled upon a website, that’s free no less, which will change your world.  Okay, it’s changed my world.  A template maker site that will produce, among other templates, a curve to do your own Text-to-Path.

Three measurements and I had a template to bring into Designer Edition, and Voila! I was rocking this cup with my name! Free Template Maker Website

It took me about an hour from discovery to finish.  I loved the truncated Cone (for this project) and there were 26 different templates when I last counted.  Next one on my list to check out is for envelopes…..Enjoy!!

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